QUIMPER prefecture of Finistère is a thousand-year-old city labeled city of arts and history - splendid Saint Corentin cathedral, jewel of Breton Gothic art. Quimper has three permanent museums. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Breton Departmental Museum and the Earthenware Museum. '
The city has a large number of shops, artisans, as well as restaurants, creperies located in lively pedestrian streets.

Concarneau works at all times. Medieval fortifications flirt with the ocean. The walled city, a former stronghold of Brittany, bathes these important ramparts every day in the calm waters of the fishing and marina port.

From mills to artists.
Strange destitn that that of this village of Finistère whose name has become synonymous with the movement of painters which constitutes the first chapter in the history of modern art "school of pont aven".
While strolling along the aven or crossing the catwalks, it is easy to understand why the artists adored this place.
PONT AVEN has lost nothing of its character and remains a very good start for your hikes.
The museum is a must for your holidays in Brittany.

Seven islets around an inland sea with transparent waters.

From its winding birth in the Cornish lands to the sometimes tumultuous and overflowing crossing of Quimper, the odet has many surprises in store.From coasters with sails, dunes, luggers, schooners, to the famous PEN-DUICK and tourist stars, a whole maritime activity punctuates the tide, sensitive to the foot of the cathedral.
Those who have taken this stream, from the impressive Vire-court surmounted by historic houses, at the majestic Atlantic outlet between Saint Marine and Bénodet, know that the Odet, as we have so rightly called it, is indeed the most beautiful river of France.